Kingfisher vs. Newcastle evals
BY:Matt Reynolds

Newcastle and Kingfisher was a slow-paced game finishing in the 40 points range but these were the four studs who led their team.

Caden Kitchens 2023 Guard | Kingfisher

Even though it was a slow-paced game Kitchens led all scorers on the night with 17 points. Kitchens may be one of the most patient players in Oklahoma and remains calm no matter the situation. All though they played a little stall ball he did a good job of knowing when to attack the rim and play off of two feet for secondary options if the initial drive isn’t open. It was a quick whistle last night and he got many of his points from the charity line.

Xavier Ridenour 2023 Guard | Kingfisher

Ridenour has improved a ton since the last time I saw him over the summer and he is showing more of what he can do as a primary scorer for Kingfisher. Out of everyone on the team, I can say he seems to have the biggest green light. He had a huge third quarter scoring 9 points, including a and 1 three, that really had the crowd pumped on top of a nice floater.

Carlsheon Young 2025 Guarf | Newcastle

Young showed a lot of flashes tonight against Kingfisher. Even though he is only in 2025 he was the strongest player on the floor full of seniors. Once Young gets in the paint it’s almost impossible to stop with his size and footwork to pivot until he can overpower you for a layup. He is also a lefty with a nice hesitation dribble package to get to the rim as well. Young has multiple division offers from high major schools.

Chase Surcharda 2023 Wing | Newcastle

Surcharda is an interesting prospect with his ability to score around the rim. Due to the pace of the game, it wasnt much up and down going on. He proved that he can score around the rim by posting up smaller guards. He also played the passing lanes pretty well creating easy points for his team.


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