NxtPro KC Fall Camp – Missouri Standouts, Part 2
BY:Kyle Unruh
NxtPro KC Camp – Missouri Standouts, Part 2
NxtPro held their annual camp in Kansas City and 100 hoopers showed up and showed out. Plenty of talent in the gym and many next-level prospects showed exactly why they are projected as college players. In this article and others, I will share some observations and evaluations of those kids from the Missouri side of the city.
Mav Hawkins | Pembroke Hill | 2026 | Guard | 6’2”
Mav’s growth in his first year of high school basketball was nothing short of impressive. As a significant contributor to a strong Pembroke team, despite the presence of experienced seniors, he showcased his potential as an impact player. Not only has he honed his on-court skills, but he also now stands on the cusp of expanding his leadership abilities. This combination of advanced basketball skills and the opportunity to develop leadership qualities positions Mav as a player to watch closely in the coming years. 
Brenley Hagewood | Republic | 2025 | Guard | 6’2”
Brenley emerges as an intriguing prospect, showcasing his versatility as an explosive and athletic combo guard. His skill set is a potent blend of sharpshooting ability from long-range and mid-range, combined with a knack for driving and finishing with authority above the rim. On the defensive end, his athleticism enables him to effectively stay in front of most matchups. With a broad spectrum of skills at his disposal, Brenley stands out as a player with the potential to make a significant impact on both ends of the court. His dynamic style of play and well-rounded game make him an exciting prospect to watch.
Antonio Carson Jr.
Didn’t know Antonio before the camp and still don’t know a lot as his registration was incomplete, but what I can tell you is I like him as a prospect. Played with a lot of confidence. Showed a strong understanding of the game and executed at a high level with good ball security and creative skill to make plays for himself and others. I’ll have my eyes and ears open on this one.
Will Hansen | Staley | 2026 | Guard | 6’0”
Will has shown himself to be an up-and-coming prospect. Just a sophomore, I am impressed with his ability to play both on and off the ball. With the ball in his hands, I see a player with great vision and a willingness to consistently make the right decisions with the ball that leads to a lot of baskets. Off the ball, he is in constant motion. He is a good and effective cutter. He is a terrific shooter and floor-spacer. Defensively, he understands the concepts. Is regularly in the right place wherever the ball is. Definitely one to keep an eye on.
Kale Mortimer | Liberty | 2025 | Guard | 5’11”
I really like Kale as a player and a person. Had a brief conversation with him and it is clear he just loves to play the game and honestly, just loves life (my kind of guy). On the court, he is tough, competitive, skilled, smart about the game, and plays to win each possession. A 2-way player who values both sides of the ball equally. He has a great chance to win a lot of games this year with a seasoned team around him of a lot of experienced players. I will have my eye on the Bluejays this season.
Alex Mattson | Jefferson | 2024 | Guard | 6’2”
Alex had a good day demonstrating his ability as a complete player. Can score the ball at 3 levels. Is good at getting downhill and making plays for himself and others. He sees the floor well and makes good decisions when the ball is in his hands. Has good positional size as a combo guard. Defensively he showed good instinct for anticipating and sneaking into passing lanes. As a senior with plenty of experience, I would expect a banner year for him.
Jabron Caruthers | Raytown | 2024 | Guard | 6’3”
Jabron plays with an intensity and a competitive fire that clearly shows his appetite for winning. If you like kids who defend and compete, you would love this kid. He wants the other team’s best player on every possession. He is confident in his shutdown ability and plays with a pretty big chip on his shoulder. He is more than capable on the offensive end, particularly as a downhill player. He is a glue guy who really seems to love playing the game.
AJ Mason | Smithville | 2026 | Guard | 6’0”
AJ is a coach’s dream. Makes all the right decisions when he has the ball. Is a constant mover, intuitive basket-cutter. He can knock down the open shot. He is a terrific on-ball defender who values the defensive side of the game. Is a good teammate that loves to play a team game. Very much enjoy watching young players play the game the way AJ plays it. High ceiling for this kid.


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