2023 Christian Harmon Interview, Buchtel (OH)
BY:Matt Reynolds

(Photo credits: IG: Mccoymultimedia)

I recently attended Flyin’ to the Hoop in Dayton, Ohio, and was able to see numerous prospects with great potential. One that caught my eye was Christian Harmon from Buchtel High School. I was able to chat with him after the event, read here:


Derek – Tell me a little about your background. Where you’re from and when you started playing ball.

Christian – I’m from Rochester, NY. It’s one of the poorest cities in America, but my upbringing wasn’t so bad thanks to my parents and grandparents. I started playing basketball around the age of 3 when my dad first put a ball in my hand. I started playing organized basketball around 8 years old at my local Rec Center.

DM – When did you realize you could be a big-time basketball player?

CH – I first realized I could be a big-time basketball player around the age of 13, I always played an age group up for AAU and I got moved up from JV to varsity in the 8th grade.

DM – Tell me about your experience at Flyin’ to the Hoop.

CH – Flyin’ to the Hoop was a great experience. It was my first time playing in the event, and it was a such big stage. I enjoyed the high competition level and getting to see other talented players from around the country.

DM – What has the recruiting process been like for you and your family?

CH – The recruiting process has been slow but steady, mostly because I couldn’t play last season so it was a setback. I also had to improve my all around game but I feel great now and it’s picking up.

DM – Are there any leaders in your recruitment so far?

CH – The school I’ve talked to the most is Kent State. They seem to have a lot of interest, and I’m truly grateful for that.

Dm – Talk to me about the basketball culture in Ohio.

CH – The basketball culture in Ohio is very different from New York. It’s a slower pace but it feels like there’s more talent and more athletes. What I like the most is the grittiness and the competition level.

DM – Outside of basketball, what are you passionate about?

CH – Outside of basketball, I’m passionate about my school work. I like experiencing new things and seeing what else I’m good at outside of sports to be well-rounded.

DM – For those who aren’t familiar with your game, What do you feel are your biggest strengths?

CH – My biggest strength is my versatility. I have a smooth jump shot, can create for myself and for others, and I can play with other talented players. I’m also a great competitor.

DM – What is one part of your game you’re working to improve on?

CH – I’m working on improving my ball handling mostly, as well as my overall athleticism and making the right reads.

DM -How do you see your role at the next level?

CH – I see my role at the next level as a Wing/Stretch player due to being able to score in a variety of ways.

DM – Are there any NBA players you model your game after?

CH – I definitely try to model my game after Carmelo Anthony and Luka Dončić.

DM – If a college coach or NBA GM walked into an elevator with you, and you had 20 seconds to convince them that you’re the right guy, what would you say?

CH – I would ask him if he likes a winner with great work ethic that can score the ball efficiently. If so, I’m the perfect guy.

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