2023 Isaiah West Interview, Goodpasture (TN)
BY:Matt Reynolds

After naming his top-10 schools, I caught up with 2023 recruit Isaiah West. Read here:


Derek – Tell me a little about your background. Where you’re from and when you started playing ball.

Isaiah – I’m from Springfield, TN, and have two older sisters, two younger sisters, and a younger brother. I started playing basketball when I was seven.

DM – When did you realize you could be a big-time basketball player?

IW – Growing up, I was all about baseball and football. I started to realize I could go far in basketball around the eighth grade.

DM – What has the recruiting process been like for you and your family?

IW – It’s been pretty good so far, just getting more and more used to the process at this point.  My current offers and top-10 are Virginia, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, Ohio State, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Cincinnati, Tennessee State, Virginia Tech, Louisville, and Tennessee State.

DM – Any leaders in your recruitment?

IW – I wouldn’t say any leaders, but the Vanderbilt and Ole Miss staffs are who I’m closest with. They both believe I can be the lead guard coming in.

DM – Talk to me about the basketball culture in Tennessee.

IW – I’d say our culture in Tennessee is overlooked – but we’re growing and getting bigger and better by the year. It’s a state that holds a lot of the best players that people haven’t seen.

DM – Outside of basketball, what are you passionate about?

IW – Learning in general. I’m passionate about learning and discovering new things for myself.

DM – For those who aren’t familiar with your game, What do you feel are your biggest strengths?

IW – My biggest strengths are my IQ, defensive ability/versatility, and being able to get to my spots to score and create.

DM – What is one part of your game you’re working to improve on?

IW – Shooting off the dribble and reading screens.

DM – How do you see your role at the next level?

IW – Point Guard that can score, facilitate, and be the leader of my team.

DM – Are there any NBA players you model your game after?

IW – C.J. McCollum and Donovan Mitchell.

DM – If a college coach or NBA GM walked into an elevator with you, and you had 20 seconds to convince them that you’re the right guy, what would you say?

IW – I know I can play among the best and compete at the highest level. I’m a strong defender with a high IQ and will do whatever it takes to win a championship.

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