2024 Delamarr Blanton Interview, Trotwood (OH)
BY:Matt Reynolds

I recently attended Flyin’ to the Hoop in Dayton, Ohio, and was able to see numerous prospects with great potential. One that caught my eye was Delamarr Blanton from Trotwood High School. I was able to chat with him after the event, read here:

Derek – Tell me a little about your background. Where you’re from and when you started playing ball.

Delamarr – I’m from Dayton Ohio and started playing basketball really young, at the age of 3.

DM – When did you realize you could be a big-time basketball player?

DB – Probably elementary school. I think I realized I had potential as a basketball player in 2nd or 3rd grade.

DM – Tell me about your experience at Flyin’ to the Hoop.

DB – FTTH was a great experience for me. Lots of strong competition from all over the county. This was my first time playing in front of that many coaches, so I loved it.

DM – What has the recruiting process been like for you and your family?

DB – The recruiting process has been great for me and my family. Right now we’re really just getting started, very hopeful that it will pick up over the course of this season.

DM – Are there any leaders in your recruitment so far?

DB – No leaders in my recruitment as of right now, but I was really excited to get the call from Radford with my first D-1 offer.


DM – Talk to me about the basketball culture in Ohio.

DB – The basketball culture here in Ohio is great. With how competitive it is, I believe that we have one of the best cultures of basketball in the entire country.

DM – Outside of basketball, what are you passionate about? Football?

DB – Definitely football. Football’s my second sport and I absolutely love it.

Check out some football highlights below:


DM- For those who aren’t familiar with your game, what do you feel are your biggest strengths?

DB – I would say my ability to make others better around me. Offensively I can create for myself and get to the rim easily. I’m also very coachable, that’s really important to me.

DM – What is one part of your game you’re working to improve on?

DB – Being more of a leader for my team. I’m continuing to develop as a captain and leader as I develop and grow. On the floor, I would say I’m working to improve as a rebounder on both ends.

DM – How do you see your role at the next level?

DB – At the college level, I’m a true point guard that can also score at all three levels. I can have an impact all over the court and help those around me get better.

DM – Are there any NBA players you model your game after?

DB – Anthony Edwards.

DM – If a college coach or NBA GM walked into an elevator with you, and you had 20 seconds to convince them that you’re the right guy, what would you say?

DB – I’m the guy you need because I’m a team-first player. I will always, always play hard. I aim to be a good person on and off the court and be a positive teammate. I enjoy having lots of fun and hanging with my teammates, but I know when it’s time to work and will get the job done when it’s time.

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