2024 Kyle Greene Interview, Pace (GA)
BY:Matt Reynolds

I recently attended Flyin’ to the Hoop in Dayton, Ohio, and was able to see numerous prospects with great potential. One that caught my eye was Kyle Greene Jr. I was able to chat with him after the event, read here:

Derek – Tell me a little about your background. Where you’re from and when you started playing ball. How you ended up at Pace.

Kyle – I’m from Blythewood, South Carolina and I started playing basketball when I was 3. My mom worked as an athletic trainer at a camp called Hoopology, and one day I just hopped in a drill and haven’t stopped since. I ended up at Pace because it was a great opportunity that presented itself and I felt it was the next step in my journey.

DM – When did you realize you could be a big-time basketball player?

KG – I realized I could be “somebody” last summer playing with Upward Stars. Playing against high competition game in and game out, I was able to perform well which showed myself I could really be good. Also – when Texas A&M offered, that was more reassurance I was heading down the right path.

DM – Tell me about your experience at Flyin’ to the Hoop.

KG – FTTH was a great experience. The atmosphere was like no other and for ours to be the first game of the day, I was really surprised by the turnout. Off the court was great as well – it was fun just being in the snow with my teammates having a great time. All-around great event and I hope we get to come back again.

DM – What has the recruiting process been like for you and your family?

KG – The recruiting process was a little hectic at the beginning but its been fun. Going on visits and talking to coaches was new at first, but I love every second of it. My family has definitely helped a lot in the process by keeping me humble and providing any help I need, so I’m really thankful for them.

DM – Are there any leaders in your recruitment so far?

KG – The school who have shown the most interest at this points are: USC, LSU, and Georgetown. I haven’t really put too much thought into where I want to go though. I feel like right now it’s still smart to view all my options equally.

DM – Talk to me about the basketball culture in Georgia.

KG – The Peach State basketball culture is different. Every team you play has hoopers and you have be ready night in and night out or you could be exposed. The fans are also different – they show up and fill the gyms for big games – it’s exciting and I love it.

DM – Outside of basketball, what are you passionate about?

KG – I have a passion for videography. I like to edit videos and really want to get into recording them soon. I started after seeing marcvizionz edit mine during AAU and ever since then, my mind is constantly thinking of ways to create various mixes.

DM – For those who aren’t familiar with your game, What do you feel are your biggest strengths?

KG – Biggest strengths would be passing, IQ, and overall playmaking. When I’m on the court, I see things differently then most people. I’m not always looking for my own shot, I’m looking for areas to expose the defense and create any good look for my team. I enjoy making my defenders play at my speed – making them go where I want. I feel that’s what makes me a different player.

DM – What is one part of your game you’re working to improve on?

KG – Right now I’m working on getting my shot more consistent and putting weight on. I feel I have all the other tools to be a point guard at the next level, but those two things will set me apart so I’m focusing on them. 

DM – How do you see your role at the next level?

KG – At the next level, I feel I’ll be a player that can do it all. I’ll guard the best players on the court, create for my teammates, and score the ball consistently.

DM – Are there any NBA players you model your game after?

KG – I model my game a lot after James Harden. He’s a crafty guard who gets buckets, creates for teammates, and he makes people guard him the way he wants them to – not the other way around. He’s a sneaky athlete at point guard and I feel we’re the same in that way. I personally don’t show off my athleticism as much as I should (which is another part of my game I’m working on) but it’s definitely there.

DM – If a college coach or NBA GM walked into an elevator with you, and you had 20 seconds to convince them that you’re the right guy, what would you say?

KG – I will come to your program and be a net positive. I’m a player who will  bring wins. I’m a point guard by definition, but my skill set can provide whatever is needed out of me. I’m going to be the player that people will pay to see, but also bring the best out of my teammates, night in and night out.

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