NxtPro Pro16 Championships – Houston: Day 4 Notables
BY:Kyle Unruh
Had a great event down in Houston for the Pro16 Championships. I saw a lot of kids but not everyone. These are some of the notable performers that I was fortunate to see: Day 4 Notables. Owen Anderson | Nebraska Supreme | 2026 | Wing | 6’4” Owen is a highly skilled and versatile player who possesses a strong physical presence on the court. His size and athleticism allow him to excel as a wing, he has a complete skill set that contributes to his effectiveness on both ends of the floor. Offensively, Owen showcases his skill and basketball IQ by making smart decisions and using his size to his advantage. He can score in a variety of ways, whether it's attacking the rim, shooting from the perimeter, or utilizing his post-up game. Defensively, his athleticism and understanding of the game enable him to guard multiple positions effectively and make an impact with his presence. Derek Tonjes | Nebraska Supreme | 2026 | Big | 6’6” Derek is a dominant force in the paint, utilizing his size and athleticism to make a significant impact on both ends of the court. His ability to chase down rebounds outside of his immediate area showcases his excellent anticipation and timing. Offensively, he demonstrates great touch around the basket, allowing him to finish with finesse and efficiency. His presence inside also opens up opportunities for his teammates, as he commands attention from opposing defenses. Defensively, Derek's switchability is a valuable asset, as he can effectively guard multiple positions. His combination of size, athleticism, and defensive instincts makes him a disruptive force, challenging opponents' shots and making it difficult for them to score in the paint. Canaan Magness | Select Basketball | 2026 | Guard | 6’3” Canaan is a highly skilled and versatile player who excels on both ends of the court. Offensively, he has a strong ability to penetrate and get to the paint, using his quickness and agility to create scoring opportunities. His adeptness at playing off two feet allows him to finish at the rim with efficiency and control. Additionally, Canaan demonstrates excellent scoring instincts, consistently making smart decisions to maximize his scoring output. Defensively, he showcases exceptional footwork and lateral quickness, enabling him to stay in front of his opponents and effectively contain their offensive drives. His commitment to sliding and maintaining defensive positioning makes him a reliable on-ball defender. Keion Epps | AAO Flight | 2025 | Guard | 6’1” Keion has shown tremendous growth and development as a player throughout the summer, making significant strides in his offensive game. He has proven himself as a dependable scorer and playmaker, consistently delivering in crucial moments against top-level competition. Keion's ability to make tough shots and create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates sets him apart on the offensive end. Furthermore, his defensive skills have notably improved, particularly in his ability to stay in front of his opponents and provide solid on-ball defense. Keion's dedication to honing his defensive skills has allowed him to become more effective in disrupting his opponents and making a positive impact on that end of the floor. Aiden Gazaway | AAO Flight | 2025 | Wing | 6’7” Aiden's physical gifts have always made him an intriguing prospect, and it's exciting to see him coming into his own as a player. Offensively, he has shown steady improvement and is becoming more comfortable with his skill set. Whether it's attacking the basket, knocking down shots, or making plays for his teammates, Aiden's offensive game is showing great potential. However, it's on the defensive end where I believe he has the opportunity to truly shine. With continued focus and attention to that side of the ball, Aiden can use his physical gifts to become a disruptive force. His size, athleticism, and developing defensive instincts can make him a formidable presence, whether it's guarding multiple positions, blocking shots, or creating turnovers. As Aiden continues to grow and refine his game, his progress on both ends of the floor will undoubtedly make him an even more intriguing and impactful prospect. Owen Dehrman | AAO Flight | 2024 | Wing | 6’3” Owen has proven to be a consistent and steady force for his team, especially now that he is back to full health. As a smart and high basketball IQ player, he possesses a deep understanding of the game and consistently makes intelligent decisions on the court. One of his notable strengths is his spot-up shooting ability, as he can knock down shots from beyond the arc with great consistency. Additionally, Owen's athleticism allows him to finish strong at the rim, showcasing his ability to elevate and convert high-percentage scoring opportunities. Defensively, Owen's awareness and positioning stand out as he consistently finds himself in the right spots to disrupt opposing offenses and make timely defensive plays. Jadyn Haney | AAO Flight | 2024 | Guard | 6’2” Jadyn has displayed remarkable growth and improvement throughout the season, showcasing his dedication and relentless work ethic. His competitive nature shines through in his willingness to take on the toughest defensive assignments, regardless of the opposing player's position. This fearless approach highlights his commitment to making an impact on the defensive end. While his scoring has improved steadily, Jadyn's true strength lies in his playmaking ability. He possesses a keen basketball IQ, allowing him to make smart decisions with the ball in his hands and create scoring opportunities for his teammates. His vision and passing skills enable him to effectively distribute the ball and set up his teammates for success. Nash Humphries | Select Basketball | 2025 | Guard | 6’0” Nash had an exceptional weekend, showcasing his leadership and skills as he led his team to a championship. His performance earned him the well-deserved MVP in his division. As a twitchy and agile guard, Nash possesses an innate ability to navigate through defenses and find open spaces on the court. His court vision and playmaking instincts allow him to make precise passes and create scoring opportunities. Furthermore, Nash's shooting proficiency from beyond the arc adds another dimension to his offensive arsenal. His competitive nature is clearly evident on the defensive end, where he relentlessly applies pressure and disrupts the opposing team's offensive flow. Nash's weekend performance not only highlighted his individual talent, but also demonstrated his invaluable contributions to his team's success. Jack Rasmussen | Select Basketball | 2025 | Wing | 6’7” Jack is a formidable presence on the court, utilizing his size and physicality to his advantage. He excels in finishing plays with both hands around the basket, demonstrating great touch and dexterity. Additionally, Jack's versatility extends to his shooting ability, as he is capable of knocking down shots from beyond the arc, adding another dimension to his offensive game. However, it is on the glass where Jack truly shines. His relentless effort and strong rebounding instincts make him a force to be reckoned with, often securing crucial rebounds and creating additional scoring opportunities for his team. Jack's physical style of play sets him apart, making him a formidable presence in the paint and a valuable asset to his team.
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