3A Returning All-State Players
BY:Trey Sterner

As we near closer to the start of high school sports, I wanted to take a moment to preview some of the top returning players in each class. One of the best ways to do this is to look at who made All-State teams last season. Read below about the 3A players who earned All-State honors and will be back with their teams this Winter.

Matt Noll | 2024 | 6’7 | F | @MatthewNoll21 | Heelan | Martin Brothers

Season Stats: 18 ppg 8 rpg 2.6 apg 27.2% 3PT 53.7% eFG 77.6% FT

Noll built on an all-state caliber season with a great summer for Martin Brothers, where he was a top producer for them in points, rebounds, and blocks. His size, athleticism, motor on the glass and in transition, and skill with the ball make him a dominant high school player and an intriguing recruit. Able to generate opportunities rebounding on both ends, score from multiple levels, act as a threat in pick and roll on pops or rolls, defend inside and on the perimeter, and finish above the rim at a high level, Noll brings a ton of positives to the floor for his team. As it stands, he holds two Division II offers from Wayne State and Truman State.

Jesse Van Kalsbeek | 2024 | 6’2 | G | MOC Floyd Valley | Sanford Sports Academy

Season Stats: 20.4 ppg 7.2 rpg 2.8 apg 1.8 spg 42% 3PT 64% eFG 72.5% FT 

Van Kalsbeek was among the state’s most efficient scorers last season for MOC Floyd Valley. Along with his efficiency, Kalsbeek has some serious pop at the rim to finish dunks and make plays overall with his athleticism. From three, on the glass, getting to the rim, making plays for others, and getting stops on the defensive end, Van Kalsbeek is able to get the job done in whatever role his team needs. His role will be even bigger this season with Luke Korver graduated, and I don’t doubt he will be up to the task.

Ben Bockman | 2024 | 6’4 | W | @benbockman22 | Decorah | Iowa Mavs Purple

Season Stats: 22.4 ppg 9 rpg 3.8 apg 1 spg 37.5% 3PT 54% eFG 81.4% FT

Bockman was a problem for every defense he faced last season with the Vikings, putting up big numbers all season long as the team’s leader. Not only an excellent scorer, Bockman brings a very good rebounding and playmaking presence to the floor for his team. Highly skilled and a solid athlete, the wing can act as a primary ball handler, scorer off the ball, threat on the interior, and movement shooter. Adding two excellent playmaking guards back into the lineup this year in addition to main assist man Matthew Bockman, Ben Bockman should get even more quality looks this season. Watch for him to have another all-state level season.

Zach Driscoll | 2025 | 6’1 | G | @zachdriscoll1 | MFL Marmac

Season Stats: 20.5 ppg 5.7 rpg 4.9 apg 4.2 spg 33.6% 3PT 57.7% eFG 85.4% FT

Driscoll comes to Decorah from MFL Marmac as an all-state guard and one of the highest stat producing 2025 players in Iowa. He’s a fast, quick, overall athletic guard. This isn’t his best asset though, Driscoll has an elite skill level as a ballhandler, passer, and turnover forcer on the defensive end. Able to play at a fast pace in transition, pressure defensively, jump passing lanes for steals, or attack in half-court as a creator or in screen actions, Driscoll has a well-rounded game.

Derek Weisskopf | 2024 | 6’4 | W | @DerekWeisskopf | Williamsburg | Iowa FB Commit

Season Stats: 19.2 ppg 8.5 rpg 3.3 apg 2 spg 54.5% eFG 71.3% FT

Weisskopf is a two-sport star that is just as capable of leading on the basketball court as he is on the football field. His elite athleticism, strength, and a very nice skillset help him to put his Willamsburg team in positions for success. Not only an excellent driver and finisher, Weisskopf can lock down anywhere on the court, passes well, and can compete with anyone for rebounds. A solid midrange jump shooter in addition to the rim pressure, Weisskopf can overwhelm opponents at this level.

Jacob Khounsourath | 2024 | 6’1 | G | @JacobKhoun | Nevada | All Iowa Attack

Season Stats: 18.7 ppg 4.3 rpg 3.4 apg 1.3 spg 1.4 bpg 37.8% 3PT 51.3% eFG 81% FT

Nevada had a really good 22-23 season, largely behind the play of Khounsourath. He’s a shifty, skilled guard with a high level of bounce. Adding in a smooth jumper, good decision making in the pick and roll, and passing vision to the mix, the guard is a handful to try and defend. Defensively, Khounsourath plays with a high level of intensity, flying around to make plays on the ball and make things difficult for the offense. His two-way impact and excellent scoring make him a fun player to watch and someone that colleges should pay attention to.

Payton Hagans | 2024 | 6’0 | G | @hagans_payton | Mt. Pleasant | Iowa Barnstormers

Season Stats: 20.7 ppg 8.2 rpg 3.5 apg 2.4 spg 33.8% 3PT 53% eFG 71.8% FT

Hagans is a difference maker in all areas of the game. Offense, defense, rebounding, transition, the guard gets it done all over the court. He’s an elite rebounder from the guard position, using effort, great position, and very good athleticism to get it done. Offensively, Hagans sees the floor well, shoots a good ball from three, gets to the rim off the bounce, and attacks in transition. On the other end, he is always locked in, ready to sit down and get stops on the perimeter. Hagans and fellow 2024 Nate Stroud will make a formidable duo this season for Mount Pleasant.

Jack Cooley | 2024 | 6’5 | F | @Cooley23Jack | Clarke | Beyond Ball 24k

Season Stats: 20 ppg 10 rpg 5.6 apg 3 spg 1.4 bpg 31% 3PT 53.3% eFG 66.7% FT

Cooley had a highly impressive junior campaign followed by a successful Grassroots season with Beyond Ball. Versatility is where he shines. Offensively, he can score it in the paint, attack from the perimeter, pass it at a high level, and handle the ball with purpose without turning it over. On the other end, Cooley can get stops at multiple positions, finishes everything on the boards, and gets tons of deflections or forced turnovers. He should help make Clarke a competitive squad this season and continue to gain recruiting attention.

Reed Pfaltzgraff | 2024 | 6’4 | G | @pfaltree_1 | B-F | Iowa Hoop Dreams

Season Stats: 11.7 ppg 4.3 rpg 4.7 apg 2.3 spg 40% 3PT 52.1% eFG 61.4% FT

Pfaltzgraff was a key piece to Bondurant Farrar’s championship run last season. I thought this was especially true on the defensive end. He came up with plays as a defender when his team needed them on a nightly basis and was active as a rebounder using his excellent bounce and length. No slouch on the offensive end, Pfaltzgraff is a talented pull up shooter, finishes with athleticism, has great touch on his floater, and passes with vision and precision. Pfaltzgraff and fellow senior Tanner Berggren will lead the way for B-F in hopes for another deep run.

Ben Helmers | 2025 | 6’3 | G | _benhelmers | Algona | Martin Brothers

Season Stats: 18.1 ppg 5.1 rpg 2.1 apg 2.1 spg 1.3 bpg 37.6% 3PT 58.9% eFG

Helmers had a breakout season as a sophomore, helping Algona make a surprise trip to state. His Algona team will return a high level of talent and when combined with a summer of development, should make them a very fun team to follow this year. Helmers go to is his defensive impact and ability to get to the rim. He uses his positional size very well on defense and on the boards. Offensively, Helmers is a crafty finisher, efficient three-point shooter, and capable passer.

Jake Benzing | 2024 | 6’4 | G | @JakeBenzing1 | Solon

Season Stats: 17.7 ppg 5.7 rpg 1 apg 1.1 spg 46.1% 3PT 59.3% eFG 84.6% FT

Benzing maintained a very high level of play for Solon all-year in 22-23. He will lead with high expectations coming into this year and looks ready to meet them. Scoring the ball is where he makes his biggest impact. He’s an elite shooter, athletic off the drive, and can create instant offense off the dribble. His size, burst, shooting mechanics, and excellent touch help him to keep defenders guessing.