More Standouts from Cape Girardeau – Part II
BY:Kyle Unruh

More Standouts in Cape Girardeau – Part II

Ashton Jermain | KC Spurs | 2024 | Guard

Jermain does a nice job of running a team. Plays with a high IQ and understands productivity on the offensive end and facilitates making that happen. He can score it if the opportunity presents itself but his strength is in playing with his teammates and getting the best shot in each possession. Defensively he is just as solid being able to stay in front of his own man while also playing with a keen awareness of ball and man. He is my kind of point guard, one that can be highly trusted.

Kale Gustafson | Lincoln Supreme | 2024 | Big/Wing

Gustafson kind of roams back and forth between playing a wing position as well as a big. He has the body and athleticism for both and is a most trusted teammate. He is a rugged sort of player that seems to thrive in a physical contest of which he comes out on top in most of those matchups. Offensively, he can put it on the floor and get to the basket. If left with a clean look he can knock it down from behind the line. He has good defensive awareness and considers most rebounds are his. Nice prospect.

Tate McCubbin | MPJ Elite | 2024 | Wing

McCubbin is a nice prospect who has a big upside with a high ceiling. He is tall and long with good athleticism. Has clearly spent time in the gym alone shooting the basketball as he has a really nice stroke from deep. With his height and length, he has little trouble getting his shot off. He also can put it on the floor and pull up at the mid-range or get to the basket for over-the-rim finishes. His length compliments his defense as he is able to get in the passing lanes and disrupt. He looks young and like he could add to his 6’7” frame. One to keep an eye on.

Nassir Binion | MPJ Elite | 2024 | Wing

Legit prospect that plays with a lot of bounce and energy. His greatest strength is using that motor to offensive rebound. He plays a wing position and demands you account for him on every shot as he is crashing that glass hard, every, time. Has a big body that works to his advantage against most matchups because he is just so hard to contain physically. All of this is transferable to the defensive side as he has the potential to be an elite defender able to guard 1-4 without much problem. DIdn’t see him shoot it much from the outside so if that were to become a real weapon, the sky is the limit for this kid.

Camden Bennett | 816 Hoops | 2023 | Wing

Bennett made a free agent move for July joining back up with 816 Hoops. He looked good. He was shooting the long ball better than I have seen him do so in the past, which was a question mark. Clearly, it looks as though he has been in the gym improving that aspect of his game. Of course, he still has the physical attack game as his signature skill, but he clearly looks like he is primed for a big July. Defensively, he is a physical good-sized combo guard  That can guard multiple positions. He is a highly competitive guy that hates to lose and he is dialed in.

Christian Hughes | Gateway Basketball | 2023 | Guard

First chance to see Hughes play and was impressed. Plays with a high motor and is active all over the court. He is in constant motion on both ends. Defensively, he is disruptive and causes a lot of havoc because of his hands, feet, and anticipation. He changes ends of the court quickly with him scoring the ball or making plays for his teammates. He can shoot it with good consistency both off the catch and bounce. Displays strong leadership ability and uses his voice in all positive ways. Will be following.

Kam Johnson | LivOn Basketball | 2023 | Guard

Dynamic lead guard that is a handful. In the game, I watched he was giving it to anyone and everyone. Was getting to the basket with ease and finishing at a high rate. His quickness and burst are rare at the high school level. He has great court awareness on both sides of the ball. Facilitates really well on the offensive side and sees the defense clearly. As a defender, he is very good at keeping the ball in front of him. For being a smaller guard he is able to still impact the game with his quickness and active hands. Keep working Kam, you got a chance.

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