Notes From Mizzou Team Camp
BY:Kyle Unruh

Notes From Mizzou Team Camp

Jacob Rembecki | Helias | 2023 | Wing

Good size wing that brings lots of positives to this team. Plays a physical brand of basketball on both sides of the ball. Can get to the paint using his size and aggression. Can score it in there as well as see open teammates to distribute to. Has a nice deep ball and is consistent with it when he has a clean look. Good communicator on the floor and uses his voice often and constructively for a relatively young team. He will need to continue providing leadership for this team to experience ongoing success.

Sam Lopez | Helias | 2025 | Guard

One of the young promising players on the come-up for Helias. The lefty showed that he belonged on the varsity stage. Has a nice handle that helps him penetrate the creases in the defense and has good vision and decision-making skills to impact winning. He can shoot it from distance and is a threat from out there. His lack of experience will be his challenge but while he is getting that experience expect some flashes of high-level play from the sophomore guard.

Logan Hillman | Helias | 2026 | Wing

An even younger player for this Helias squad, the freshman-to-be was impressive with his competitive fire and poise out on a varsity stage. You would have had to be told his age if you watched him because he fits in both physically and competitively with the big boys. Makes good decisions with the ball and surprisingly held his turnovers to a minimum. He plays really hard on both ends of the floor and competes the entire time he is on the court. Felt like he deferred a little too much, which is probably expected for a kid that just finished the 8th grade. Look for him to be an impact player over the next 4yrs.

Aman Kesete | Helias | 2024 | Wing

Solid, savvy wing player that can play multiple positions. Showed good poise and comfort in the scenarios I saw him play in. Likes to get the ball and get in transition as much as possible and rightly so as he makes really good decisions with the ball. He hit several long balls and seemed to be a consistent shooter. Is positionally solid on the defensive end whether his man has the ball or not. Expect Kesete to be an important contributor for this Helias squad.

Adam Rickman | Borgia | 2024 | Wing

Rickman showed a lot of promise at this team camp for his Borgia squad. He will have to be dominant for this team to have success, but I think it is in him to be that. Is a good shooter from anywhere on the court when he has a good base and shoots it in balance. Is good around the basket turning and shooting over either shoulder and with either hand. He is very skilled and will need to be aggressive at a consistent level. Defensively, he is a big body and provides a necessary presence for a team that doesn’t have great size. He has a great opportunity ahead of him to be the guy for this Borgia team and I look forward to following along.

Jack Gogue | Richmond | 2023 | Big

Impressive big that I was seeing for the first time. Likely a next-level football player but there is no doubt in my mind that there is a place for him in basketball if he chose that path. Checking in at about 6’8” and 250lbs. His size obviously stands out. Then you see a skill set and shooting mechanics that would rival a lot of players smaller than him. He runs the floor and gets to the other end faster than you would expect. Is a high-level athlete and finishes above the rim. Richmond is on my radar as a result of seeing Gogue play.

Amare Witham | Glendale | 2026 | Guard

Witham is coming into a reputable Glendale program as a freshman and will no doubt leave his mark as a young freshman-to-be. He has good size for his age and did not show any fear playing on the varsity stage. He can shoot it from deep and you can’t give him any air space or you will pay. Has a nice handle and plays with his head up seeing the floor and getting the ball to the right teammate at the right time. Shows nice pace as a lead guard. The only concern I saw was motor-related. Can he play hard for an entire game? I think he will grow into that and be an impact player in the Springfield area for the next four years.

Jayden Nicholson | Vashon | 2023 | Guard

Really liked this senior. Big, physical, lefty guard that plays with a high motor and a lot of energy. Sees the floor well and shares the ball. He makes winning plays all over the court on both sides of the ball. Uses his strong handle and his physicality to get to the basket and finishes well. Definitely can shoot it from distance off the catch as well as off the dribble. He is a senior so expect strong leadership from Jayden. I see him being an important part of a team with a lot of young talent helping to lead and guide another stacked Vashon team.

Andre Aaron | Vashon | 2024 | Guard

Aaron is a combo guard that has good IQ and instincts. Is very athletic both vertically and horizontally (tried to dunk on a kid that I didn’t think he had any chance of completing, but got fouled or there could have been wreckage). Like all of the Vashon players, I watched yesterday. He plays hard and is very competitive. He can shoot it well and put it on the floor with equal effectiveness. Wants to get into you on the defensive end and make you feel his pressure.

Christian Williams | Vashon | 2025 | Guard

Mouse Williams is part of a young and highly talented guard tandem that will push upperclassmen for playing time. He plays like a seasoned, veteran point guard. Pushing the tempo and getting the ball where it needs to be. Has great instincts for the game and the pace of the game. Can score it when necessary both at the rim and from deep. Wants to play 94ft. and is relentless with that pressure. This tandem will be worth the price of admission.

Trey Williams | Vashon | 2025 | Guard

Trey Williams is the 2nd half of that tandem and has some similarities to Mouse. Small, quick, and highly skilled are part of his description. He shoots it from deep as good as anyone on this team and you can not give any air space to him. He will shoot it in transition, on the move, off the dribble. If he has a little space it is going up and likely in. He also wants to get into you all 94ft. And so when you have that x2 you can see the problem this is going to cause especially with the other athletes in rotation from these two creating traps.

Nicholas Randall | Vashon | 2025 | Big

Already on the radar of some high majors, this 6’8” sophomore-to-be is very talented. His length, timing, and motor immediately turn him into a defensive menace at the rim. He’s not just standing in the lane with his arms up, he is trying to block every shot that is taken inside the paint. He has some perimeter skills as well evidenced by grabbing rebounds and taking off on the dribble leading the break often ending with a bucket by him at the rim. One of the better prospects in a highly talented class throughout the state of Missouri.

Cameron Stovall | Vashon | 2023 | Wing

Another senior that I expect to have a banner year for the Wolverines. 6’5” wing that can play all over the floor. Excels in transition using his size, length, and athleticism to finish at the rim and through contact. Is a threat as a shooter and certainly can attack when his shot is taken away. Defense is a standard in this program and Stovall lives up to the standard in every way. Will look forward to following his season and recruitment.


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