Standouts of the Saturday Morning Session at The Warmup
BY:Kyle Unruh

Standouts at Saturday Morning Session The Warmup

Nigel Armstrong | AAO Flight | 2024 | Guard

Armstrong does not jump out at you when you first see him walk ut on the court just because of his size. He is short but he packs a lot in that frame. His speed is one of his greatest strengths and can be a real menace on the defensive end of the floor. Once he gets in transition his acceleration to the other end is very rare and as well all know, Speed Kills!. His 3ball was solid as he made a couple in this game. However, the other strength that stands out is his energy and communication. His spirit just makes you want to play with him and play for him because he has a passion for playing and winning that is also rare. It’s contagious. This team is good and plays with really positive energy and Nigel is a big part of that.

Brylan Sims | AAO Flight | 2024 | Wing

I saw Sims last year and he was lean and didn’t see a lot of time. I think that is all about to change for him. He has added some weight and strength and you can see the confidence that comes with that just emerging. He has a nice shot and can run the floor with purpose. He is much more willing to stick his nose in and mix it up around the glass and comes up with more than his share. I can see this summer being a breakout summer for Sims and I look forward to following along and watching it.

Jadyn Haney | AAO Flight | 2024 | Guard

Haney is a lead guard that every coach aspires to have. He knows exactly what his coach wants from him and he picks the ball up and delivers as if the coach himself were the point guard. He gives direction, encouragement, and even reproof when called for and doesn’t hesitate. In turn, because he is a high-level distributor and plays really hard his teammates follow his lead, and this team runs like a well-oiled machine. He has added a solid long ball to his repertoire that is very consistent and with his size and strength, he is tough to guard. He can knock down the 3 and when run off the line will bully you to the basket and make a play.

Anthony Gause | MPJ Elite | 2024 | Guard

S-C-O-R-E-R! That is what I see after just a few minutes of watching him. In this game, he finished with 24pts and looked kind of pedestrian in doing so. He has the full package from a clean catch & shoot game to a nice mid-range fade away and an effective floater package. There is great trust that he will get a nice look when he goes into score mode. In addition to a complete offensive package, Gause will get after you on the defensive end. He is a competitor and will get after you and keep you uncomfortable.

Bradley Longcor | MPJ Elite | 2025 | Guard

A 2025 kid playing up on the 2024 MPJ Elite squad and you wouldn’t know it from watching. He has a nice solid frame and runs the point guard spot and will come at you. He is physical and tough and has a complete skill set playing with good intensity and competitive fire. Because he is a 2025 don’t assume he will be an easy matchup in fact the opposite is true. I look forward to watching his development over the next 3 years.

Nassir Binion | MPJ Elite | 2024 | Wing

Bouncey and active wing that does not rest. His motor is on when he steps out on the floor and does not turn off until he takes a seat on the bench. He is extremely active around the glass and is disruptive and gets numerous putbacks. He would be a challenging matchup for most because of how active he is. He is a slasher from the perimeter and if he beats you to the rim, take cover cause it could end up on your head. Binion brings a lot to the table for this team and will win a lot of games because of the compliment of pieces and the competitiveness that this team palsy with.

Arrinten Page | The Skill Factory | 2023 | Big | 6’9”

Big body and an elite athlete. At 6’9” and a filled-out frame this is not a child though he is young for his grade. He can get from one end to the other as fast as anyone on the court. If he has a clear lane to the basket he will bring the thunder. He mixes it up inside and is a force on the glass on both ends of the floor. He will get a lot of attention on this team with multiple 5 Stars already in the lineup and expect his recruitment to blow up. I will definitely be following along.

Marvel Allen | The Skill Factory | 2023 | Guard

Recent de-commit (with the coaching change at LSU) Marvel is the real deal. Good size, speed, and quickness help this 5 star get wherever he needs to get. Has a very sound shot from all layers of the court. He loves to compete and it is no secret why he is so coveted by so many schools now that his recruitment has opened up. This is possibly the top backcourt in the country with Kanaan Carlyle playing alongside him and will be fun to watch their season unfold.

Kanaan Carlyle | The Skill Factory | 2023 | Guard

Carlyle is the other 5 star that makes up possible the best backcourt in the country in grassroots basketball. He can shoot the ball and takes very little time to get it off his hand and into its path. Not just an offensive player he is a competitive dude and will take that ball from you if you are not extremely confident and careful with it. He plays with a smile and is fun to watch because of the joy he plays with.

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