TOC:Crossings vs. Edmond North thoughts
BY:Matt Reynolds

Crossings Christian 

Cam Parker ‘25 Forward

Parker represented this morning against Edmond North in the first round of the TOC. Edmond North’s bigs are used to being the enforcer in every game but not against Parker. He had an outstanding game scoring the ball and showing that he can be a versatile big. He had some big-time threes that I don’t think anyone expected him to shoot. Outside of his perimeter game, he did a good job of just being physical and banging down low for offensive rebounds. Parker and the Crossings Christian team advance to the second round of the TOC.

13 points,5 rebounds 

Phoenix Woodson ‘26 Forward

Before this game, I came in and knew that this would be a good test for the young prospect out of Crossings. He came out the gate firing from the three in pick-and-pop situations. I was also impressed with the overall physicality that he possessed and even though he is a freshman he showed absolutely zero fear.  Woodson’s potential is through the roof as a 6’8 freshman but its even better that he is producing at such a young age.

14 points.6 rebounds

Evan Crotts ‘24 Guard 

Now of course a few other players for Crossings led the way but we can’t forget how valuable Crotts was either. He finished at the rim extremely well and did it by showing his craftiness on each layup. Sometimes he would “same hand same leg” layup that would throw off the defender’s timing or he even took step-ins to initiate contact as well. Crotts made sure that he wouldn’t get timed at the glass for swatted shots at the backboard.  Crotts showed everyone today that he isnt afraid of the big moment and is willing to compete against anybody.

9 points, 3 assists

Cal Furnish ‘25 Guard 

Furnish answers every single test that has been given to him. Furnish is what you call a “gamer” every time I see him in big game standings he does astonishingly well. I can go all the way back to the summer when his team would “upset” plenty of shoe teams and Furnish was a big reason why. Usually, Furnish does a good job of distributing the ball and being a playmaker but in this game, he showed elite shot-making ability. He had a few jumpers where he would get to his spots and pull up and even hit threes well behind the line. Furnish can go and he’s starting to solidify himself as one of the best point guards in the state regardless of class.

18 points,4 assists 

Edmond North 


Dontrell Yearby ‘24 guard

Yearby should be considered one of the better combo guards in Oklahoma. He is a flame thrower from the three-point line and it seems that it hasn’t been a game since he’s been in an Edmond North jersey that he hasn’t hit a three. Although he is mainly off of the ball due to team personnel he still shows flashes of being an on-ball scoring option as well. Yearby compliments To and Warlick extremely well with his ability to score without being on the ball a ton.

12 points 

Dylan Warlick ‘24 Forward 

Warlick is still Warlick and you know what you’re going to get when you see him play. You are pretty good if everyone knows what you’re going to do and teams still can’t stop it. People know Walrick for his toughness and rebounding but his feel for the game is immaculate. Oftentimes he will pump fake a ton to get defenders in the air and understands how to play off of fell based on how much pressure he is getting on his back. He still managed to almost get a double-double despite only playing 20 minutes throughout the game.

14 points, 7 rebounds

TO Barrett ‘24 Guard

Barrett is instant offense and you can tell his teammates love playing with him on the floor. As one of his teammates, you will run the lanes hard because you know he will feed you and get you free looks at the rim. In the lane, he shows elite athleticism and body control to finish his acrobatic layups at the rim. The outcome of this game would be alot different if he wasnt in foul trouble.

6 points,6 assists, 3 steals 


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